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Thursday, 22 Feb 2018

Military Marketing

Military marketing in the base newspapers is a great way to reach your targeted audience since it is the official publications of each military base. Military-base newspapers are the only publications permitted to be distributed to barracks, base housing, offices and other work areas exclusively used by troops. With military marketing in military newspapers you are not forced into any "packages". Military marketing can be bought individually or as a group. These areas are off-limits to other publications and only allow military marketing for the base. There are approximately 170 different newspapers for military marketing. We have extensive marketing and demographic information available for the military marketing in base newspapers by reaching the military market. For example, our research studies rank military bases by retail sales (Exchange/Commissary) and population (Active Duty/Families) are the best way to reach this unique market using the military newspapers to fit your advertising needs. Please ask us for information for military marketing in the newspapers or look through the site with the bases that can be reached for military marketing.