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Monday, 19 Feb 2018

Advertise to the Military and Reach Millennials

Advertising to the military will reach millennials.  Millennials make up a large portion of the military.  25-34 year olds make up the biggest percentag of the military and therefore, when you advertise to the military, you are guaranteed to reach millennials.  Millennials are more likely to look for sales (Base Newspaper FSI), check email for special offers (MilitaryShoppers email broadcast), download mobile apps (Scout Military Discounts), and connect on social media (MilitaryShoppers on Faceook, Twitter and Pinterest).  Millennials make up nearly 75% of the entire military force.  Millennials are well educated, highly diverse and house the most populous age, 23 year olds.  Millennials are characterized by their digital presence and known for their spending habits. Millennials in the military are likely to take advantage of the many benefits that the military offers such as higher education opportunities, personal growth and experience, travel opportunities and resume development. Millennials in the military are also known for their likelihood to donate to a charity and volunteer for a cause. 

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