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Thursday, 22 Feb 2018

Military Advertising to the U.S. Armed Forces

Military advertising to U.S. military personnel has never been easier with Military Media Inc.  Contact us for a customized military advertising plan that is effective, easy and hassle free.  Our sales experts discuss various military advertising goals with our clients to achieve the ideal response and most effective directives for targeting military personnel and the different demographics within the military community.  Trying to reach military millennials?  Social and digital media military advertising options will perhaps suit you best.  How about the military veterans and retirees?  Military advertising options are available in approximately 150 different military publications throughout the Continental U.S. and Overseas that are distributed weekly on and off base to an extensive population of military veterans and retirees.  Hone in on the military active duty and military spouse audience with military websites, military community email broadcasts and social media platforms, all of which are available for military advertising via Military Media Inc. Military Media Inc. are military advertising experts on all military print, military digital, military social, military OOH, military direct and military mobile platforms. 

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