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Thursday, 22 Feb 2018

Mobile App Military Marketing

What better way to reach your potential military consumers then in the palm of their hand? Mobile app military marketing puts your brand or message in front of military consumers where they spend their time connected to the digital world. The sheer power of mobile military marketing as the majority of internet traffic shifts from PC to smartphones and tablets is irrefutable.

military marketing-digital

With over two-thirds of mobile subscribers in the U.S. owning smartphones [Q4 2013], and consumers spending approximately 3.3 hours per day on them, mobile app military marketing to reach the military is a no brainer. And with SCOUT Military Discounts, a mobile app that puts information about military discounts at the fingertips of veterans, active military and their families, what better way to execute your military campaign and get your message direct to the military audience looking exclusively for military deals?

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