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Thursday, 22 Feb 2018

Military Mailing List

  • Reach active duty military families living on base with the Military Family Residents mailing list.Military Newspaper This military mailing list is the only direct mail list of active duty military families living on base. This is a list of addresses on military bases of active duty armed forces families. The military base mailing list enables mailers to reach active duty military personnel, military wives, military spouses, and military families.  Selections are available by each military base .The military family residents mailing list may also selected by military branch of service at the bottom of this page.

There are military mailing lists available for all other branches of the armed forces, so contact Military Media Inc. for any military mailing lists of for additional information about military direct mail options.

This is a military mailing list of Air Force addresses of active duty military family housing on Air Force bases.  Mailers may select any Air Force bases to rent the mailing list of military families.  This list reaches active Air Force families, Air Forcewives Air Force spouses.

This is a mailing list of Army addresses for Ft. Hood, Texas. This direct mail list reaches active duty Army families living in military family housing on Norfolk Naval Base.

This is a mailing list of Navy addresses for Norfolk Naval Base, VA. This direct mail list reaches active duty Navy families living in military family housing on Norfolk Naval Base.