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Thursday, 22 Feb 2018

Military Mailing List

Reach active duty military families living on-base with the military family resident mailing list. The military family resident mailing list is the only direct mail list of active duty military families’ residents living on-base. This is a list of addresses on military bases of active duty armed forces families. The military family resident mailing list enables mailers to reach active duty military personnel, military wives, military spouses, and military families. Selections for the military family residents list are available by specific military bases. The military family residents mailing list may also selected by military branch of service, zip code and state. Our trained sales representatives can provide you the military family residents within your demographic area.

Military mailing list is a perfect way to get your brand directly into the hands of all the active duty family members. When using the military mailing, you are able to select what you need to fit your company’s needs. The military mailing list is the only unique list that is 99% Cass certified. We will help guide your company in using the military mailing list. We do not have names on our military mailing list since there is a large turnover in base housing and we are interested in reaching the homes on-base. If one family moves out and another moves in, we know our military mailing list will reach them.