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Monday, 19 Feb 2018

Military Base Websites

A growing number of our military base newspapers now offer additional media coverage, expanding our military reach to the web via military base websites! The military base websites include local military news and events, DoD news and information, editorial features, entertainment news and much more. With a limitless reach, the military base websites give your company, brand or message a global expanse that is unmatched by other media outlets. The military base websites are a crucial device when you want to reach the military audience. As we delve into an electronic era, advertising on military base websites is the key to a successful military campaign. Running a print campaign in the military base newspapers? Saturate the military market with military base website advertising! The military base websites offer a wide variety of digital media positions. Let Military Media customize an advertising campaign with the military base websites that is sure to meet your military marketing needs and fit within your military marketing budget. Contact Military Media at or call us at 845-454-7900 for additional information and pricing on the military base websites.