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Thursday, 22 Feb 2018

Military Email Broadcast

Military Email Broadcast Marketing

Our military email broadcast list of approximately 85,000 opt-in, active duty military personnel, military veterans, military retirees and military spouses offers an unmatched opportunity to reach the military community through our military email broadcast list.  Our military email broadcast list is a unique and effective means of reaching the military community via military broadcast email and allows the military consumer to click through directly to your website.  If you want to interact with the military consumer directly, our military email broadcast will provide you with an immediate return on investment.  Our military email broadcast list is comprised of members who have subscribed on our military consumer website, to receive exclusive military coupons, offers and savings via email.  Military Media’s military email broadcast list is 100% opt-in and therefore our clients can rest assured that their message is being delivered to a recipient who has requested such offers when utilizing our military email broadcast list.  Our niche market military email broadcast list provides customers targeting the military community with many military email broadcast list advertising benefits. 

Military Email Broadcast comes at a LOW Cost

Our military email broadcasts are designed, produced and delivered quickly and easily, and as such is reflected in the low cost of sending military broadcast email to Military Media military email list; thus making military email list marketing a more cost efficient medium

Military Email broadcast Reaches Military Consumer at MOST CONVENIENT Time

Military Email broadcast is opened when the military consumer has chosen to open the message and has the opportunity to engage in the military email list offer

Military Email Broadcast Evokes DIRECT RESPONSE

Military Email broadcast is connected directly to our clients’ website giving the military consumer a clear call to action and allowing the military consumer to connect with the client directly upon opening military email broadcast

Military email list marketing has proven success in driving web traffic

Military Email Broadcast TRACKING

Military Media offers tracking reports on all military email broadcasts using our military email list

Military Email Broadcast Offers UNLIMITED SPACE

Military email broadcasts are sent out on a daily basis via Military Media servers and are not limited in size or length

Military Email Broadcast Produces RESULTS

Military email list marketing has confirmed success with unmatchable ROI in comparison to all other military marketing mediums

Military Email Broadcast offers BOUNDLESS EXPANSE

Military email broadcasts are often shared among the military community via email forwarding 

Military Email Broadcast Yields CUSTOMER LOYALTY

Military email broadcasts afford clients the ability to communicate directly with the military consumer more frequently due to cost efficiency and unlimited space; thus enabling our clients to build lasting relationships and brand loyalty through the military email broadcasts

Contact Military Media Inc. at or call us 845-454-7900 for more information and any inquiries regarding military email marketing and our military email list or any of our other military marketing mediums.