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Thursday, 22 Feb 2018

Armed Forces Email Blast

Send a military email blast to approximately 85,000 subscribers that have registered to receive special military offers via military email blast.  Military email blast advertisers have many advantages over other medium advertisers.  Military email blast benefits include low cost to the military email blast client.  Military email blasts are opened at military consumer’s leisure and is therefore more effective.  A direct response by clicking through to clients website or offer is often evoked via military email blast.  Military Media’s military email blast tracking allows client’s to determine ROI and military email blast efficacy.  Advertisers also benefit from unlimited ad space and ad availability when using military email blast as an advertising vehicle.  The military community often shares exclusive military offers and savings with their friends, family and military associates which benefits our clients greatly when utilizing a military email blast.  Via email forwarding, the advertisement is sent to military emails that may not be included in our military email blast list and thus the reach is expanded beyond the expected recipients.