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Thursday, 22 Feb 2018

Military Online Media

Digital Media for Military

Military Media offers a wide variety of military digital media options.  Military digital media opportunities include:

  • Military newspaper website advertising
    • Military digital media advertising targets the local military community via military websites
    • Military digital media is accessible to deployed, active duty soldiers following home news and happenings via military websites
    • Military digital media advertising offers a multitude of banner sizes and costs that are sure to fit into your military advertising budget via military websites
    • Military digital media advertising enables a direct response from the consumer via military websites
    • Web tracking data available upon advertisement expiry with most military digital media advertising via military websites
  • banner advertising
    • Consumer based website that provides military community exclusive features including lifestyle editorial content, commissary sales, contests, coupons, special military offers and shopping sprees.  With a heavily trafficked niche market website, military digital media advertisements are extremely effective through the use of this vehicle
    • Military digital media on includes advertising banners designed to reach various markets within the military niche including those interested in commissary sales, travel, money & career, education, healthy living, family and recipes
    • Military digital media banner advertising also evokes direct response, permits web tracking statistic delivery and flexible scheduling to coordinate with special promotions and sales
  • digital content advertising
    • Miltiary digital media blog advertising available on
    • Digital content written by military spouses that specialize in military digital media content advertising
  • email broadcast advertising
    • Military digital media email advertising is cost effective, efficient and affordable
    • Military Media Inc. sends email broadcast to 85,00 (+/- 10%)

Email or call our headquarters 845-454-7900 for more information pertaining to military digital media advertising!