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Thursday, 18 Jan 2018

Judy Johnson's Military Family Mailbox

Judy Johnson's Military Family Mailbox direct mail reaches 100,000 active duty military family addresses at military bases nationwide. There are four mailings a year received prior to major events and holidays.  The Judy Johnson's Military Family Mailbox envelope is sent to the address, not to the name of the family.  When one military family moves out of the home, it will be occupied by another military family.  This solves the main problem of any military mailing list, updating to ensure all recipients are indeed military families.

While much of the base mail is delivered by the Military Post Office, all mail for family housing is delivered by the US Post Office, just like any other civilian mail.




Direct mail offers many advantages to marketers:

● It reaches only active duty families. They are young and starting to create brand loyalties.
● Only one coupon per family. No multiple redemptions by the same shopper. Fair and even distribution of coupons.
● It gets into the homes, and generates new trials and brand users.
● You get the first -strike advantage. By reaching shoppers before they come to the store.
● 100% in-home circulation.  The only direct mail program available that can provide 100% in-home coverage.

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