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Thursday, 22 Feb 2018

Military Email Advertising

Military Email Blast

With over 80,000 military email addresses, Military Media Inc. has successfully launched hundreds of military email advertising campaigns for national, local and recruitment clients over the last 10 years via military email advertising.  Military email advertising poses great benefits to clients including direct response, real time delivery, unlimited ad space, no calendar restrictions, day to day marketing, delivery and click through tracking, increased web traffic and so much more obtained through military email advertising.  The military email advertising list we’ve created is opt-in.  Military Media has never purchased emails, so our clients can rest assured that any military email advertising campaign hosted by military media will have unmatched military email advertising success.  Military email advertising is highly desirable to many military community advertisers because it’s affordable, efficient and expeditious.  The nature of military email advertising is prompt delivery of a product, brand, message or exclusive military offer to the military community that has registered on to  receive such military email advertising messages.

Start seeing a return on your digital investment today with a military email advertising campaign designed exclusively for you by Military Media Inc.

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