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Thursday, 22 Feb 2018

Military Publications Effective Means to Reach Entire Military Community

Did you know? There are over 150 U.S. military publications that are delivered on base to the active, veteran, retired and reserve military community.  Military personnel look to the military publications for important military information, military events, military news, military savings and discounts, military sales and military classifieds.  The military publications are one of the single, most important resources for the military community and continue to thrive as we delve deeper into the digital age.  

Countless advertisers utilize the military publications to circulate special military offers and discounts, military brands and messages that need to be delivered exclusively to military personnel. 

Military publications continue to be a trusted resource for military personnel throughout the U.S. and overseas. Authorized military publications are produced for members of the military services and editorial content is provided by the DoD.  Advertisers can select a wide variety of options to fit within their campaign budget and deliver an optimal response by advertising in the military publications.  Military publications are available for free on base, off base and for home delivery ensuring that the military publications are easily accessible by all military personnel and military families. 

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