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Thursday, 22 Feb 2018

Military Publications Display Advertising

Military Publications


Tap a vast resource through the Military Publications. With combined circulations of nearly 2 million, our clients can brand their message in approximately 150 domestic and overseas military publications. Military Publications are an indispensable source of information for active duty, federal employees, retirees, reservists, military families and members of the surrounding community. These publications are the local "hometown" publications for the military. They contain vital day to day information that military personnel and their families can obtain through no other source.


The Military publications are the only publications that are allowed by the military to be distributed to individual family housing units, barracks, offices and other work areas that are used exclusively by base personnel. These areas are off-limits to other publications. Circulation is tightly controlled by the military. Generally, one copy is printed for every four people attached to the base.


These military publications can be bought individually or as a group: regionally, demographically, by sales area, by branch of service, etc. Rates and specifications can vary. A customized quote is available upon request.


We have extensive marketing and demographic information available for the military market.  Our research studies rank military bases by retail sales (Exchange/Commissary) and population (Active Duty/Families). Please contact us for detailed information.


Click here for the list of Military Base Publications



This listing does not include 12 overseas base publications.
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