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Monday, 19 Feb 2018

Military Advertising Agency: Experts in Capturing the Military Audience

Military advertising agency, Military Media Inc. started in 1974 with an expertise in military advertising that targeted the military audience via the military base newspapers.  With a growing desire to expand their military advertising agency capabilities, Military Media Inc. developed a military community direct mail list that was exclusive to Military Media Inc. and enabled their clients to reach the military market in a new and resounding way.  Thereafter, the military advertising agency, Military Media Inc. established a commissary sales flyer known as Commissary Specials.  By working with the Defense Commissary Agency and commissary product brands the military advertising agency helped commissary patrons efficiently shop their local commissary and maximize savings while offering clients a groundbreaking new method for embracing the military community.  Today, the military advertising agency offers a plethora of digital and social marketing options to effectively engage with the military community and reach them on an innovative and individual level so that the client not advertising, but communicating  and interacting with their military consumers.  These methods are what set Military media Inc. apart from any other military advertising agency and makes MMi the leader in groundbreaking marketing technique s and know how.