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Thursday, 22 Feb 2018

Military Newspapers

One of the most reliable resources for reaching the military market is the military newspaper. All circulations combined, military newspapers reach over 2 million military members and their families in the U.S. and overseas.  The military newspapers are an indispensible resource for reaching the military market.  They contain the installations most important news and events, national Department of Defense news and updates, exchange and commissary sales, births, transfers, promotions, entertainment schedules, religious services, bus schedules, on base classifieds, realty listings, free standing inserts, and military focused editorials. 

A vast majority of the military newspapers are published weekly; however a select few are distributed bi-weekly or monthly.  Each military newspaper has a different circulation depending on the base population.  The average circulation is between 15,000 and 30,000 issues.  Military newspaper ad sizes vary from paper to paper.  MMI can provide newspaper advertising quotes for both display and recruitment advertising in over 180 military newspapers that reach over 150 different military installations.

Military Media Inc. has streamlined military newspaper advertising to be comprehensible and cost effective for both our national and regional clients.  In 40 years, Military Media Inc. has established longstanding relationships with each and every one of the military newspapers.  The rapport we’ve built with each of the military newspapers is key when it comes to servicing our clients in the most successful and effective manner. 

Our knowledge and expertise in military newspaper advertising will help propel your brand or message into the military market and enable you to exceed your media objectives.  

Military newspapers are an effective means of reaching the military community.  The military newspapers are delivered on base and are made readily available to active duty military, veterans, retirees and their families throughout the installation.  Military newspapers contain local military base news and events, national military news, special military offers and much more such as advertising in military newspapers.  There are over 140 military newspapers that are delivered to military bases across the U.S. and overseas where companies that want to do military newspaper advertising can advertise in military newspapers

Military newspapers are read by members of the military services and their families who rely heavily on military newspapers for vital news and information that they can only get in military newspapers.  The military newspapers are read daily because they are the military newspapers for each military base and provide much needed support for the military and their families.  Military personnel look to the military newspapers specifically for exclusive military offers and savings that are only found in the advertising in military newspapers.  Military newspaper advertising and military newspaper FSI programs are well received.  The military community appreciates military recognition and honors that appreciation through brand loyalty. 

100% of active duty military is employed.  Military personnel are entitled to 30 days of paid vacation every year and often take the opportunity to travel.  The military audience is the perfect market for travel advertisers such as air line advertising for military and vacation advertising and vacations discounts for military. The military like to go on cruises so military newspapers and other military media are the perfect way to advertise cruises for military and cruise discounts for military.

•    Military people get one month of paid vacation every year!   If they don’t take it they lose it! 
•    Military personnel have discretionary income to spend because a lot of their expenses are paid for them or they get benefits like money for housing, food uniforms, free child care, discounts on groceries.
•    The military are young and healthy and adventurous and family oriented
•    They have a lot of close friends and buddies and they will often travel in groups of friends or a few families together.

The military looks to the military newspapers for special military discounts.  Target the military through the heavily read military newspapers.  Military newspapers provide the highest market penetration of the military audience than any other military media or way to advertise to the military audience.
National brands and corporations are showing appreciation for the military at ever increasing rates.  Join the vast list of brands that support our troops today by reaching out to the military community through military newspapers to deliver your message to the military community.
Select military newspapers for advertising based on population, circulation, installation or nearby city.  Our strategic planning services and sales reps can help create a military newspaper advertising campaign that ensures a profound ROI.  Let Military Media handle all of your military newspaper advertising needs.

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